Single Men Application Form

Single Men Application Form
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How did you hear about us?
NEED HELP ANSWERING? Here are some pointers/ideas… Chronological Timeline: Create a timeline of your swinging and BDSM experiences, starting from when you first became interested or got involved in the lifestyle. Include significant events, milestones, and any changes or developments along the way. /// Categorise by Activities: Organise your experiences based on the types of activities you’ve engaged in within swinging and BDSM. This could include things like bondage, role-playing, group play, etc. /// Reflect on Growth and Learning: Discuss how your understanding and participation in swinging and BDSM have evolved over time. Note any insights you’ve gained, lessons learned, or personal growth experiences within the lifestyle. /// Highlight Roles and Dynamics: Describe the roles you’ve taken on or explored within swinging and BDSM dynamics. This could include roles such as dominant, submissive, switch, etc. Discuss your experiences in these roles and how they’ve shaped your journey. /// Include Boundaries and Negotiations: Detail how you approach setting and communicating boundaries within swinging and BDSM encounters. Discuss any negotiation processes you’ve engaged in and how they’ve influenced your experiences.
Have you been to Our Secret Spot? Do you attend Red Heaven? Do you attend events or classes at Studio Kink Sydney?
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